Platform Service Controler – Repoint

There are some good things with PSC in version 6.5. It is a multimaster replication with site boundary of course but all the services are replicated (even VMCA). Normaly, load balancing is realized through external hardware or appliances solutions. But, sometimes you can not doing this :

  • You may not need load balanced features
  • You need enough security and be able to restore quickly your service

1 – Restore PSC

Restore PSC involved that you are able to connect to an ESXi host with your backup solution. When you need to restore PSC, you may need to connect to the vCenter which relies on the PSC so … you can’t doing this.

One problem is when you have several sites with linked mode configuration. In this case, like AD, restore can be complicated.

2 – Good Choice

I will recommand then to install 2 PSC even without load balanced features.

3 – How does it work  ????

Adding a second PSC is simple and brings you replication and consistancy synchronisation of PSC’s data and services. This will bring capacity too repoint easily on the “last” PSC survival in the site and in this case, you will just need to repoint your vCenter to the PSC, decomission the old or failed PSC and then reinstall a new one.

4 – Let’s do it …

Before repoint PSC, you need of course to have a new PSC already join in the same SSO domain and same site .. . You need to have an ssh access open to the vCenter you want to modify.

One of the first thing to do is to enable bash. It’s pretty simple, you just have to type “shell” on the “Command>” prompt.

Now you can repoint your vCenter to your new PSC. The command is :

cmsso-util repoint –repoint-psc fqdn_of_new_psc



You can make some checks … Validate your access etc ….

And then, you can remove the old one ….







Now you remove a PSC and I should recommand to install the new one carefully in terms of naming and Ip addresses.

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